Monday, August 29, 2011

The Beginning of PanDoxie News

So over the last few days I have decided to start a blog, so here it is. No, it's not going to be anything fancy and probably not very exciting for most of you that find yourself reading it. However, I thought as Zach and I are on our new adventure of parenthood while living abroad that it might be a good idea to write down things that go on so we can remember them later on. 

I have been told by several people to write down all these things that happen to us or that we see here in Doha, so it will all be here in this blog. I also thought I would write about my adventures in parenthood with our handsome Xavier Reid. It is very interesting being a new mom and I am learning a lot since I feel like I don't know anything.

Sadie and Gus sure are adapting to the new family member in the house. I wasn't too sure at first if they were going to settle down and accept Xavier into the pack but they did. They are always worried about him and they check to make sure that we bring him home and like to see for themselves. They will also help me check on him when he wakes up from a nap and are right there to see him when he is on my nap and will snuggle up right next to us so they are close by.

Xavier is growing strong everyday. He almost has control of his neck and just this week he has begun to smile on purpose. It is too cute and my goal is to capture it on camera soon. We are still working through his baby colic and there is bad times mixed in with the good. We are trying to learn his signs and listen to his cries so we can put to use the things we are told or have read. However his cries sound a lot alike most of the time and I would just like to say how not helpful the information is when hungry and tired sound alike and you keep trying things to help him but it doesn't help. Oy! He does love his swing which is nice to put him in there and be able to get something done around the house.

I hope you enjoy and maybe come back from time to time to check up on us.

Iftar Dinner on the Pearl

We just got back from enjoying another Iftar meal here in Doha. Tonight we went with our good friend, Amir, and we dined at the yummy Pampano Restaurant on the Pearl. It was a tasty set meal where you shared the appetizers and sides and you got to choose between grilled meat or fish for your entree and then you got to choose a tasty dessert.

For those that do not know an Iftar Meal is the evening meal when the Muslims break their fast during the holy month of Ramadan. It is to start at sundown and it usually is a buffet or shared meal style and shared as a community. Traditionally you start the meal with a date. There are special Ramadan juices as well, I tried the Apricot.

It was a wonderful evening getting to have Amir meet Xavier for the first time. He was so good with him and it always brings a smile to my face to watch someone get a smile from being near Xavier. Xavier took to Amir and was a great little boy in the restaurant. We are very lucky for such an easy going baby when we are out and about here. I hope this trend keeps up as he grows up. He was also a hit with all the ladies in the restaurant, I thought it was interesting that they all thought he was huge for being six weeks old. I don't know if that is true but he is a cutie.

Thanks for coming out with us Amir and we look forward to many more times out together!

On a small side note, one of the many things I miss about being away from home are changing tables. I have only found two attached to the wall here (one in Toy-R-Us and the Marriott Hotel) and then one of the restrooms at the City Centre Mall has a small counter that just looks like a large place by a sink. But for the most part I am changing our little monkey on the floor or on top of the toilets since they almost always have lids.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Garangao - The Festival of Children

We have learned a lot about the Middle East and different cultures while we are living here. 

One of those things is Garangao- a Gulf tradition held on the 14th day of Ramadan when children visit their neighbors seeking sweets and treats. 

The children go around wearing traditional clothing and sing a folk song and will knock on the doors to collect sweets, money, nuts and gifts. The children will have a cloth bag that they wear around their neck. 

We went to Hyatt Plaza on this night and got to see the celebration for ourselves. It reminded me of Trick or Treating and being at the malls for Halloween. 

We saw a parade of children singing as they banged drums and had a lot of fun. They would go to the different merchants and stops to get sweets in their bags. 

Another tradition that happens are the stores will have treats for those shopping there and part of the day is to give gifts to others. Well while we were at Q-Tel (local internet and phone service) Xavier was given a gift. It was a special day and neat to see the traditions in other places. 

 Here is the gift we received on the 17th of August 2011