Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It has ARRIVED!!!

So after reading several Qatar blogs and hearing its all over Twitter I assumed it to be true.... 
...Pork has come to Qatar!!!!!

This is a very exciting day. I know its just some bacon and sausage but it will be nice to make some meals.
First on the menu - Mac and Cheese Squared. Then we will have to work out making some homemade beans.

I thought it was hilarious that when I got to the QDC (which is where we get our alcohol) they had a small refrigerated room where they had three types of bacon (un-smoked, smoked and double wide type) and three flavors of sausages. When you go to check out your pork purchases in a black bag. It made me chuckle I know its forbidden here but its hilrious to have that feeling like you are buying naughty movies. HAHA

So yes today after once again having a taxi driver have no idea where we were going and I had to pay the extra travel costs we are stocked up on sausage, bacon and beer!

Update: I also just found out that they are working on bringing more choices in slowly: chops, belly pork, salami and ham. They are going to build a bigger building to house it and they will build a small shop on the Pearl. Yes, folks this is the top news story of the Expats! 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Another day in Bali

We got up and were greeted by roosters that live near the hotel. We were welcomed by David the owner and he showed us to our room for our stay which was across the hall with a view of the ocean. They also had breakfast ready for us which was nice since we slept in late after the long 11+ hour plane ride over from Doha.

The ladies took care of us and made us a yummy breakfast of tea/coffee, toast, fresh fruit and french toast. Xavier took to them as well and had them wrapped around their finger while he was whisked away to see the kitchen while we ate breakfast baby free, it was a nice change. The weather was gorgeous, sticky but it was nice and warm. We had a leasure breakfast and then we decided to check out one of the local malls.

The view from our table- the gorgeous pool.
One of the neat statues we saw on the way to the Discovery Mall.

It was a large mall with tons of different stores and it also had merchants there as well where you could negotiate with them. It was so cute how everyone was fascinated with Xavier. Everywhere we went we had to keep telling them 'four months', 'a boy', 'Xavier' and 'Thank You'. It helped us look at things without being hounded while we shop. It only became a pain when we were on our way to the restroom and I really had to go it was so hard to not be really rude. It was very cute though and everyone was so happy to see the baby! Plus Xavier is famous, lots of people took his picture because he was so cute!

Sign outside Mothercare.

View of the ocean from the steps of the Discovery Mall. 

Xavier checking out daddy's Bintang!
Bintang! Beer yay!

Yep, That's bacon, Real Bacon!
We ate the New York Bar and Grill and it was very tasty. We were able to have real bacon on our burgers and Zach was able to order a beer while out that cost a couple of dollars. Xavier was whisked away and paraded around the restaurant.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Kantolas go to Bali

So we just got back from our first family vacation in Bali. It was AWESOME!!! We would recommend going to Bali to anyone, it has something for everyone; peaceful beach lounging, water sports or traveling around enjoying the culture. The best part of the trip was Xavier traveled like a CHAMP! Everyone should be very proud of our little man.

He's ready to go!

It was an over night flight and it was supposed to be 11 hours with a stopover in Singapore. We had a bassinet seat and I had never seen it in action before this. They bring it and attach it to the wall after takeoff. It really helps to give your arms a rest.

 Look at my boys sleeping so peaceful!

 We ended up with a longer layover in Singapore which was frustrating since they said we would be re-boarding in half an hour. It is law that all planes coming into Singapore deboard and all passengers need to go through the screening process. Well we really thought we would be getting on the plane right away but once we got screened we sat around. There was a cute little boy that came to talk to us, he was fascinated with Xavier.

View from the Singapore Airport - The first sight of green in a long time
 We made it to Bali and after several lines and being the last one through passport control - we finally made it to pickup our luggage. Thought they had lost our stroller but it was just one of the last pieces to come off the plane. We made it through another luggage scan and customs to be welcomed outside with humidity, lots of humidity. There was a mixup with the hotel and we had to get our own taxi to Ellie's but Zach was our hero and got it taken care of for us. I know was at the end of my rope, exhausted, confused and just wanted to rest out of the heat. (We won't talk about opening the driver's side door when I thought it was the passenger one, teehee!)

I loved how they spelled Taxi! It wasn't all of them though.

Another Day in Bali