Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shake Bali Shake

We got to experience a 5.1 earthquake while we were in Bali. It came at night and rattled the windows and shook the bed. I felt it tremble twice, Zach only caught it once and Xavier kept on snoozing. I guess they had a really bad one the week before more North of where we were staying. We found out also that the buildings weren't really designed with earthquakes in mind but life goes on. :-)

We took today to go check out the Hard Rock Cafe. We sadly missed the one in Dubai (didn't realize we were actually in the right place for it) so we made sure it was on our things to go do on this trip. It was pretty quite inside but we had a very upbeat waiter who was ready to sing along and make our lunch time a great time.
Restaurant was located upstairs with the shop underneath

Inside the restaurant

After eating and shopping we decided to head towards Discovery Mall because we knew we could get a taxi from there to take us back to the hotel. We took the beach route and walked along the path of merchants and listened to the crashing of the waves. It was a cloudy day which helped keep the sun off of us but it was still warm and toasty.

This was a  huge statue on the beach trying to raise money and awareness of the sea turtle population.

The stone work was gorgeous everywhere that we looked

Loved the dragons

These lined the walkway on both sides. You could also buy Bintang and other drinks on your walk too.

Look Zach was here!