Sunday, December 11, 2011

5 months and growing

Today marks Xavier's 5th month mark and he is doing great. 
He is growing every day and learning new things.

 His favorite toys right now are the caterpillar toy we got him and the monkeys Clara picked out for him. 
He is really enjoying the ExerSaucer we got him.

He is starting to sit up and tries to do it all the time, he still needs some help but he is able to not topple over right away. If he is put on his back he will shortly roll over and stay there. He is also starting to show signs of wanting to crawl however he needs to uncross his legs before he will get the hang of it.


The dogs are still friendly to Xavier. Sadie has started to bring him toys just like she does to us because she wants to play. It is very cute. They are also tolerant of his grip he can get on their collar or fur. :-) Once I told Gus to stop and leave him alone and I saw he was still there but then when I looked closer Gus couldn't move because Xavier had a death grip on his collar.

Woooooo - It's hard work being this cute!