Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It has ARRIVED!!!

So after reading several Qatar blogs and hearing its all over Twitter I assumed it to be true.... 
...Pork has come to Qatar!!!!!

This is a very exciting day. I know its just some bacon and sausage but it will be nice to make some meals.
First on the menu - Mac and Cheese Squared. Then we will have to work out making some homemade beans.

I thought it was hilarious that when I got to the QDC (which is where we get our alcohol) they had a small refrigerated room where they had three types of bacon (un-smoked, smoked and double wide type) and three flavors of sausages. When you go to check out your pork purchases in a black bag. It made me chuckle I know its forbidden here but its hilrious to have that feeling like you are buying naughty movies. HAHA

So yes today after once again having a taxi driver have no idea where we were going and I had to pay the extra travel costs we are stocked up on sausage, bacon and beer!

Update: I also just found out that they are working on bringing more choices in slowly: chops, belly pork, salami and ham. They are going to build a bigger building to house it and they will build a small shop on the Pearl. Yes, folks this is the top news story of the Expats!