Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Solids... Oh What Fun!

We are going to do what now?

We started the adventure into solids recently as well with him. We were having a hard time finding a cereal with just rice in, almost everything here was flavored or mixed with something else. I did more research into what types of food that we can start him on and wanted to start with sweet potatoes but alas you could no longer get them or any type of squash. Frustrating to say the least.

Xavier waiting for his first bite from daddy!

So he liked the second rice we got him and everyone or everything around him ended up with the rice on it as well. Plus the pups can get rice on them to if you decide to sit on the floor to feed Xavier.

So we moved on to trying Sweet Potatoes. Boy did he like them! 

See everyone, including dad, has food on them when its food time.
He's helping wash his face or eat the washcloth

This is the face we get when you try  to clean his face during or after! Not a happy camper!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy Half Birthday, Xavier

How I found him on his half birthday! It's his favorite way to sleep- at least its not a complete face plant that I have seen him do many times.

So Xavier is now six months old and it was a great day to celebrate his half birthday!

He is growing and learning things everyday and it is wonderful and fun to watch.

Gus is keeping guard as Xavier plays

Look Mom! I am so big! (6 Months- Jan. 11)

It's Cool, I have the Panda Power!

At his checkup he weighed 7.552 kgs and is 68 cm long with a head circumference of 43 cm.  He also had his vaccinations and took them like a big boy again. A few tears but settled down for a nap shortly after.

 This is shortly after we left the appointment. He needed his monkeys and a hand to hold.

He has begun to like more of his toys and is trying to chew on everything. We have learned that you cannot help him in getting something in his mouth or whatnot as this will make him more mad than he might be at the moment.

It's Rough being a cute kid!

Real Rough!

He is also starting to slither everywhere and he can go backwards at a great speed. He isn't crawling but he sure can go all over and quickly to boot. Recently this past week he is getting better at looking like he is crawling and can keep his legs under him longer but still goes backwards. :-)

Xavier in the last few days has now started to look like he wants to stand up or walk on all fours. He could almost get to a sitting position as well if he figured out how.

No teeth to speak of yet but he sure is working on them. I have determined at this point that he is going to get them in all at once. This hard teeth growing is making for some rough nights, so we are back to not sleeping through the night but this will change soon I hope - I miss sleep.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Booze and Baby, Sharq and Friends

So in December Qatar made a decision to revoke the liquor license to a man made island/port, The Pearl. It has caused a lot of debate on forums and on blogs. Yes, we are in a Muslim country and that means that alcohol is against their religion and so one can respect that. I think what sucks is a lot of the businesses were brought under the promise to be able to sell alcohol and now their business is suffering. It really sucks especially since the area was already hurting from low occupancy in the flats that were built there. The Pearl is a gorgeous place to walk around, get some dinner and enjoy some drinks (if that is your thing) with friends. Here are some shots of The Pearl when we went when Mom Renee came out to visit us!

The view of the other side of the Pearl

One of the many yachts that are docked at the Pearl..

Pampano's our favorite restaurant on The Pearl. It is an Upscale Mexican Restaurant

Mom Renee out with us to enjoy an Iftar Meal during Ramadan when she came to help after Xavier was born! 

Alright so I told you that story to tell you this story. We went out on Thursday with some of our friends to one of the few places where you can go get a drink; The Sharq, it is one of the hotels around town. We sat outside the Cigar Lounge since it was such a nice night outside and to not have Xavier near the smoke inside. Well after the waitress came by about the fourth time or so she was smiling and laughing and trying to tell me that Xavier and I couldn't stay. Due to language issues here you pickup on things a lot later than normal and I was confused since she was laughing. I told the guys what she had said to me and they were confused and told her that we had been there before which we had with no problem. She said if they came by to check he couldn't be there. I know he is under age and everything but really?? Plus I couldn't have a drink either which it was going to be the first time I ordered something, oh well. So we worked it out I could stay with him until 7 but it made me on edge because they could have kicked me out at anytime so it ruined the night for me. It was annoying since we weren't in the bar, they serve food and it took them a while to say something.

 These are some pictures from our visit before this one. It was our send off of our great friend Amir and a chance for people to see Xavier.
The fountain inside the Sharq

Sleepy Xavier and Denise

Amir, Jennifer and Zach

Tareq and Xavier

Zach, Amir and Paul

Amir and Xavier - Boys in Blue

Xavier and Mom