Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Solids... Oh What Fun!

We are going to do what now?

We started the adventure into solids recently as well with him. We were having a hard time finding a cereal with just rice in, almost everything here was flavored or mixed with something else. I did more research into what types of food that we can start him on and wanted to start with sweet potatoes but alas you could no longer get them or any type of squash. Frustrating to say the least.

Xavier waiting for his first bite from daddy!

So he liked the second rice we got him and everyone or everything around him ended up with the rice on it as well. Plus the pups can get rice on them to if you decide to sit on the floor to feed Xavier.

So we moved on to trying Sweet Potatoes. Boy did he like them! 

See everyone, including dad, has food on them when its food time.
He's helping wash his face or eat the washcloth

This is the face we get when you try  to clean his face during or after! Not a happy camper!