Friday, November 18, 2011

Kantolas go to Bali

So we just got back from our first family vacation in Bali. It was AWESOME!!! We would recommend going to Bali to anyone, it has something for everyone; peaceful beach lounging, water sports or traveling around enjoying the culture. The best part of the trip was Xavier traveled like a CHAMP! Everyone should be very proud of our little man.

He's ready to go!

It was an over night flight and it was supposed to be 11 hours with a stopover in Singapore. We had a bassinet seat and I had never seen it in action before this. They bring it and attach it to the wall after takeoff. It really helps to give your arms a rest.

 Look at my boys sleeping so peaceful!

 We ended up with a longer layover in Singapore which was frustrating since they said we would be re-boarding in half an hour. It is law that all planes coming into Singapore deboard and all passengers need to go through the screening process. Well we really thought we would be getting on the plane right away but once we got screened we sat around. There was a cute little boy that came to talk to us, he was fascinated with Xavier.

View from the Singapore Airport - The first sight of green in a long time
 We made it to Bali and after several lines and being the last one through passport control - we finally made it to pickup our luggage. Thought they had lost our stroller but it was just one of the last pieces to come off the plane. We made it through another luggage scan and customs to be welcomed outside with humidity, lots of humidity. There was a mixup with the hotel and we had to get our own taxi to Ellie's but Zach was our hero and got it taken care of for us. I know was at the end of my rope, exhausted, confused and just wanted to rest out of the heat. (We won't talk about opening the driver's side door when I thought it was the passenger one, teehee!)

I loved how they spelled Taxi! It wasn't all of them though.

Another Day in Bali