Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day in Bali Before the Rain

Hello everyone! Mix Master Zach here. This is the entrance to a place called the Bali collection. We were told this was a good place to go shopping and a short walk to the beach. This is true but somewhat misleading. I'll get to that.
This is a sign. Not from God, but probably some Balinese guys.
These are some fabulous old trees. These remind me of the kind of trees that I've seen in the southern United States, like in Louisiana. This particular tree was near the real entrance to the shopping complex which was on the opposite side from where the Taksi dropped us off. When we first came in the whole area was under construction and we thought they were closed for renovation!

Epic Mushroom Tree! The rest of the pictures are now a trip through Wonderland.
When we arrived, it was just before opening hours, so the center was mostly empty. You can see some stragglers hanging around like we are. That didn't stop the scam artists though. They were still everywhere handing out scratch cards proclaiming that you've won the vacation of a lifetime! Except it's a timeshare that you probably get an hour out of each year. They try to pressure you into signing, but by now we learned the trick. "No, no thank you. Bugger off." The first section of that sentence is to be said aloud. The second part is mental.

Empty shopping center. Seriously, we were the only people there at this time.
First order of business that day was NOT shopping though. We were headed to the beach! To get there we had to exit the shopping center on the far end and go through some major mud holes. Only problem was they were setting up for the Asian summit, so there was a lot of construction going on. Except the construction workers didn't wear shoes and minimal safety gear. Yikes! They were adding the art panels along the sidewalk here... but instead of doing it the normal way they line the street and obscure the walking path. Oops!
You can see the art panels they added along the boardwalk.
Finally, we found the beach. Yay! Except it was only a 50 foot area that was allowed for "Non-Hilton Gold Pass Paid Too Much for the Rooms Member". But water, yay!
Hi, Random Lady Changing on the Beach!

Waves! Water!
I like this next picture. It really portrays the size of the actual beach we were allowed to stand on and the tranquility of Bali as a whole. The technodrone in the background is not for an upcoming battle with Turtles, but rather for the Asian Art Expo that opened the same day.

Haha, this rock is shaped like a hairy wang.
I don't know why this is here.

I am a tree. Mooo!

After a long day of shopping at the center - which was a lot of fun as long as you're willing to fend off vendors with a stick we got some family pictures of Jennifer and Xavier. Someone had to hold the camera.

Awesome Jennifer (Missy Moo) and Mister Xavier (aka Baby Moo)

Om nom nom!

Uh oh! Someone was getting just a little tired! And hungry! He does the same thing I do by trying to eat his own hand when he's hungry.

Oh yeah, that's good stuff.
I like this picture. It makes Xavier look like a milkaholic.

And as the sun set on Bali that day we learned a great lesson about ourselves. About humanity. About nature of the Universe! And that lesson can be summed up in only a single word. A perfect word that describes the fundamental nature of all things! And that word is... is...
Okay, so two words. Sue me.