Sunday, March 11, 2012

Eight months and on the move!!

Xavier is now eight months old. 
Wow how time has gone by fast!!! 
We love little Mr Moo more and more every day.

His last checkup on the 25th of February delivered these stats: 
Height -71.5 Centimeters, Weight - 8.238 Kgs, Head Circumference - 45 Centimeters
Height - 28.15 Inches, Weight - 18.16 Pounds, Head Circumference - 17.72 Inches

He works on his sounds every day and loves to babble.

Look at my two teeth! First two finally poked through when we came through Germany on the way back here.

I can play them, right mom?
Some of his favorite toys at this moment are the new ones he got in Colorado: His Eric Carle Caterpillar, All the Sorter Toys he got and his tag blanket.

This is one of his favorite things to do now is walk around the ExerSaucer while he plays with the toys. 

He has really enjoyed being able to move and man can he MOVE. He started to really get the forward crawling motion while he was at Busha and Grandpa's house in Colorado.

Look at him, so peaceful!
 We tried our first biscuit (cookie) today. He loved it and gummed it until it was no more.

Sadie and Gus were ready and willing to clean up any of the crumbs.

Look at that face!

Look at my boys!

His favorite room right now is the laundry room. He will either sit and watch the washer go around or standup and look into it. Cracks me up when I find him in there or I here a happy squeal.

The Top Foods that he has tried: Sweet Potato, Carrots, Peaches, Brown Rice
Still on the Fence Foods, he is not too sure about: Pears
The Bottom Foods that he has tried: Peas