Saturday, May 12, 2012

Around Doha

So right before we left Doha we went around and took in the sights while capturing some pictures.
 These are some of the many fishing, Dhow and other boats along the Corniche. 

  Look at the school of fish.


 Xavier and I next to the Pearl on the Corniche

 Zach and Xavier on the Corniche

A view of an area on the Corniche. 
The Corniche a long walking area on the harbor and it is lined with tons of palm trees and greenery. 

 A view of the Islamic Cultural Center / Fanar. 
This located right near the Souq Waquif and near the area called the Fabric Souq

I always got a kick out of the little characters around town that were traffic warnings or reminders. 

 I took the following pictures as we were driving along the Corniche.
 It is a really pretty drive and easy when it is the weekend. 

 Doha Skyline

 One of the few parks in Doha, Qatar located on the Corniche 

 This is the Amir's Offices 

 Here is Ric's Kitchen and this was the one place where we could go and get an American style Breakfast and other yummys. It was a great place to go on the weekend and you could go there during Ramadan but it felt like we were trying to sneak in to a secret society - We had to knock on the door and be let in to the building while they locked us inside. All food was for take-out only but it was still tasty!

I thought this was interesting - These were our water tanks for the apartment complex.