Monday, October 10, 2011

Going to Bali

We are getting excited about our trip to Bali during Eid in November. We will be there for a week and we will be staying in the lower part in south Bali. It definitely will be an adventure. I am very nervous about the plane trip there, it will be into two parts but still 11 hours. Xavier so far travels very well so I am thinking it is at least good training. I know we will get those looks people give to those with babies. But we are travelers too and some time you have to get on a plane. 

However the shopping and sights are going to keep us occupied. There are about three areas we will probably go and check out. Kuta has two nice malls that according to one blog house both new goods at great prices and knockoffs in the same building. 

I have also been told I get some time with myself to go get pampered at the spa - massage, pedicure and manicure. Spas are huge there and they are supposed to be ubber cheap. That will leave my boys to hang out with each other. I am also hoping we see the monkeys or go to the elephant park. I heard the monkeys can be a hand full, they like to take things and if they do you have to pay one of the attendants to get it back for you.

There will be beaches to lounge around and temples to explore. We can also go and wander around small shops for trinkets and such. I know we will spend some time at our hotel because it is a nice little place. We are staying at Ellie's Hotel. It is a small hotel with 8 rooms, serves only breakfast and is run by a husband and wife.

I am very excited to be traveling somewhere tropical and to go with my family to relax.