Friday, October 21, 2011

Note to Self

Note to Self....Do not close the trunk after you drop the car keys inside. 

Reasons why this makes for a frustrating time: 
  • You only have one set because it is a rental
  • You are in a foreign country with no service like AAA
  • No one seems to know how to read a map 
  • People will ask for the number of the building and the address but there are no address (there are but they usually are two lines long and it really doesn't help you to tell someone where you are 
  • You call the rental company and they say they are sending someone out, call back after an hour they are confused why you are calling and are sending someone out 
  • It takes four other people to tell this person where you are located so they can bring the other set to get you back in the car 
  • Car company tells you to wait near by so the driver can spot you and you go. They spot you and you tell them what is going on (language barrier in place, as usual) and takes you back to where you need them but then they take off - Wrong Guy 
  • Car comes into compound and the security guards come over and the story is relayed and the guy has no clue what is going on and can't help - Wrong Guy #2
Long story short - Almost two hours after all of that we finally had someone come with the extra set of keys. At that point we had been stuck stuck at the Distributor Center (aka QDC, aka Liquor Store), the security guards thought it was comical we had been locked out but more importantly they just couldn't believe the person couldn't find the place.

I think we should have taken Zach's advice when we were waiting to get in to just go home and try another day. Like must weekends we will go out and do multiple errands but I realized I didn't have the cards to be mailed (we were going to the post office) and the grocery list (we were going to the store). Plus we were trying to get my vaccines before our trip to Bali but we found out the Dr wasn't in and I would have to speak to them before they would do anything plus that clinic didn't have two of the recommend ones.

Yes folks that is a line that formed to get into the QDC,before they opened.  It's inside a gated complex

Like desert view and being a way from everything? It's right outside the QDC complex.