Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Three Months and Growing

I'm three months old today and look at my smile!

 Wow, it has been three months already with our new little guy. What a whirlwind of changes that have happened in that time. Overall we are truly blessed with our handsome son and our family is full of more love. Yesterday we went for Xavier's three month checkup, which is comical here for sure since everyone wanted to know why I was there even the doctor. Which is an easy answer you told me to come but I guess since they didn't have our file. The nurse remembered us, she saw us on his one week checkup. So he has grown to 6.2 kg (13.7 pounds), 61.6 cm (24.3 inches) and his head is now 41 cm (16 inches). He wasn't too happy to be weighed but who would being cold, naked and lying on a hard scale. So I was getting him dressed again and this little boy came over with Xavier's fox toy and said here don't cry. It was so cute!!! 

I will just lay here and not give him kisses, really I won't, paws crossed.

Don't worry mom we got him!
So at three months we are mostly sleeping through the night about 7-10 hours and if we do wake up it will be once and he will go right back to sleep after nursing. Now when he wakes up he just likes to lay there and stare at the mobile and chew on his blanket while he babbles to himself until he is done with that and wants us to come get him. His favorite toy is a red fox we got him at Ikea, you pull the tail and it plays rock-a-bye baby. He has been enjoying mat play time and tummy time. Today he slowly rolled from his tummy to his back, it was exciting to watch. Gus and Sadie liking checking on him and will sneak a kiss here and there. Sadie wants to investigate him only on her terms she can freak out if he comes close to her.

Look at me mom I can see you again! Rolled from tummy to back!
 So besides working on rolling over we are also working on getting his first full giggle. We get the gummy grin which can melt your heart in an instant and make the sleepiness go away when you go and get him in the middle of the night. He likes bath time now and loves going out in his stroller and car seat.