Thursday, September 8, 2011

Diapers and Machines

So we have started our journey of cloth diapers with our little one.
Xavier is styling don't you think?
We have gone with BumGenius and have an array of colors and patterns. We had them shipped over thanks to our good friend Jennifer and a sale at  Cotton Babies, since you can not get anything like that out here in Qatar.

So far we are enjoying them and I have even roped in Zach with them and he is a pro already. Not that there is too much more to them than a disposal but there are a few more steps. I think we have a system down, just need a few more tweeks and we are in full swing. However we have run into an issue ... the washing.

Washing cloth diapers is really easy, put in washer and then dry (covers - air dry and liners - go in the dryer). Our problem lies in the fact we have a crappy washer/dryer situation. I have made this known several times on Facebook and to anyone who will listen to the story. We have the privilege to use a washer/dryer combo unit. This is a HUGE change from our LG Steam Front Loaders we had just paid off before we moved here, I miss those appliances. I told Zach I may hug them when they come out of storage, he laughed and gave me that look like you are not. I might, if not I will definitely sit there and look at them and probably talk to them for a while especially after every great load it does for us. Yes, folks I am a dork!

Its the LG tucked into the corner.

It will not soften clothes naturally (you have to use a fabric softener of some kind) so you are left with a baby comforter that can stand up on its own. ---->

Let's also not talk about the fact it can take four hours to do one load!

It will also ruin a cute little onesies too since you can't pull something out before it goes to the drying cycle. Also when you live in a place that the water gets ridiculously hot that doesn't help either. Poor Kermit he was all melted together in the middle.

Plus I now have another dilema and that is the diaper shells are gathering lent and I have to bust out the lent roller before putting them on Xavier or he ends up with lent all over, poor guy! You would think just clean out the lint trap, however there isn't one on the combo. ANNOYING, I can't wait to be back home with our pretty shiny washer and dryer.