Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Woahs

What a weekend we had here, man.

Just when I am getting myself back on track and on to some kind of routine with this stay at home mom and wife thing I get a wrench thrown at the whole thing. As you know I made a food plan for the month, we went shopping and I was staying on track. I was getting things done around the house, if only a few things a day but that is okay I have a cute two month old.

Thursday- which for those of you who don't know that is our Friday here in the middle east, since Friday is their holy day and not much happens at all. Well, I go to take the rug out of the washer and get started on the laundry (that is at that point where it needs to get done, including the diapers) and there is a large woosh and a gush of water comes out and all over the kitchen floor. Lucky for us the floor is all tile and there is a drain. So we close the door and hit the drain feature, seems to work. Nope another rush of water. So I read through the manual about the error message that finally appears. I go to clear out the drain filter another stream of water. At this point I throw the towel in - my pants are soaked, I have dogs trying to lick this gross water and a baby who is mad at me leaving him alone today since he isn't feeling very well - and need less to say give up for the day.

After we put in a request with the maintenance and they come and do what I did and just open the filter and put more water on the floor and that's it since it doesn't work we leave it for the night. We order Indian take away from this great place we know have discovered has great Chicken Tikka Masala and Naan Bread for reasonable prices. This means putting off my adventure in making chicken soup for the first time but I do finally get it done on Friday. The plan when making the soup is to put in extra meat (I did two whole chickens) and use it to make two other meals for the upcoming week. So the chicken soup is done and I have meat for BBQ Chicken Pizza and Chicken Tacos later on in the week. Zach says the chicken soup turned out well, I was worried since he has these great memories of his mom's homemade soup growing up. 

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup with Gnocchi

For breakfast Zach spoiled me by making a new recipe I ran across on Heritage Schoolhouse- Blueberry Quick Bread It was tasty and very moist.


As Saturday comes around we put in another request and we tell them what is wrong since Zach worked really hard to get the machine to work. He had a great system with tape and the hose in the floor drain and everything. He made the machine work through 1.5 loads to get the diapers done but it just won't work on its own.

We go to Xavier's two month checkup with his first round of shots. It is a longer wait since it is a day that a lot of people have off but we still got out faster than some of my appointments in the states. He is healthy and growing - 5.54 kgs and 59 cms long. That puts him at average for weight and height but he's in the 90th percentile for his head size. Means he is going to have all that room for all the smarts he will aquire!


 <---- Xavier trying out his play mat. He was fascinated with Pooh.
He kept smiling and starring at him. Gus came over and checked him out and I told him to not be so close so he ended up where you see him. He would try sneak one or two kisses when I thought I wasn't looking but for the most part it he was a good pup.