Sunday, September 25, 2011

Home Visit

So the paperwork finally came through and we have our time back to the states for our visit set for January 27-February 10. We don't have our tickets set but we are looking into and wanting to get the best price. We are looking into Lufthansa, neither of us have flown with them but it looks like they have a great thing going on.

We are very excited to get back home to see everyone and for everyone to meet Xavier. There will be lots of pictures taken so be prepared. :-)

We will be staying a week up in Strasburg with Zach's parents and then a week in Fountain with my parent's. We will try to squeeze everyone in for individual visits but we may have to do group visits, so we hope people don't mind. Also we might be able to visit over a shopping visit (I might just go some place to window shop, there are some stores I miss A LOT) or maybe over a meal (there are a few restaurants or foods we want to enjoy again).

Can't wait to see everyone! Let us know if there is a better day(s) for you and we will try to work it out. 

Side Note: This will be the last time you will see us before we either move on to another country or back to the US.